There are nearly 200 days for #Santiago2023: this is the progress

The biggest multisport event in the Americas is near. Get to know more details here.

There are nearly 200 days for living the festival of the #Santiago2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games, the biggest multisport event in the Americas, and that will be carried out in Chile for the first time.

The organizing committee of the Games, the Santiago 2023 Corporation, has grown leaps and bounds as we get close to October 20th, the date in which the welcome ceremony will be carried out. 21 districts will host the 39 Pan American sports and 17 Parapan American sports, it’s for this reason that we invite you to know more about #Santiago2023.


Since the beginning of 2023 three new clocks that celebrate and indicate the Games countdown have been revealed. Those clocks are located in Pichilemu, Viña del Mar, and San Pedro de la Paz, regional venues of the sport event. Through the installation of those clocks, we’ve gotten close to the community to inform them how many days and hours are left to celebrate Santiago 2023.


In March, the Volunteering Program surpassed 20 thousand entries, a great milestone for the development of the Games. The volunteers are the heart of the party, those who motivate the city and collaborate with the athletes and Para athletes; they shine because of their  joy, delivery, and great willingness to cooperate. 


Canal 13 joined the Santiago 2023 official broadcast along with Televisión Nacional de Chile.

We also reached a record with 1,800 national and international journalists that were accredited for covering the Pan American and Parapan American Games.


Working days were developed in Pichilemu, Algarrobo, and Valparaíso where the Santiago 2023 organization was teaching and informing about the Games and the sport activities.


The Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games will be the first sport event to implement a breastfeeding room inside the Village. This initiative is part of the #Santiago2023Legacy that is in line with the progress related to gender equality that we promote in sports in order to generate an inclusive and safe environment, where everyone can participate and be part of.


In #Santiago2023 we work for our #MeetingPoint from high performance sport, community, and sustainability. For that, we pretend to leave a legacy of social, urban, sport, and environmental transformation that is collectively built and sustainable in time.

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