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A deluxe fan: Fernando Gonzalez visited the debut of Tennis

The triple Olympic medalist toured the courts of the Centro de Entrenamiento de Tenis, where he met up with friends and received the affection of the people, who lined up to get a photo.


In the hallways of the Centro de Entrenamiento de Tenis, there are two types of comments, regardless of nationality: "it's cold" and "Feña, a picture please.” It is the debut of the sport at the Games and nobody wants to miss the opportunity to capture the moment with a national emblem.

Fernando Gonzalez, triple Olympic medalist and former world number 5 in the ATP ranking, shares his feelings while walking and observing the new facilities of the Parque Estadio Nacional: “This infrastructure is a dream come true, what we are living is incredible for our country and our athletes. I am enjoying it as a Chilean fan and sports lover.”

When he arrived at the main court, “Mano de Piedra” added: “The court is very nice, it is modern, they made several changes, the courts were enlarged, the Parque Estadio Nacional, in general, is going to be an important legacy for the country, people will enjoy it very much.”

One of the tennis players with the strongest forehand ever seen at the ATP circuit finishes saying: “I came early today to greet old and great friends that tennis has given me, I will continue coming other days when the Chileans play. I’m very happy to see and walk through this amazing stadium.”

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