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Christiane Endler's confession from Valparaíso: "We are aiming for the gold medal".

The eyes fell on her, of course, in the victorious debut in Playa Ancha. The ambassador of Santiago 2023 confesses the team's goal. Mexico is next, in Sausalito, and remember that there are also ticket offices at the venue.


They won, and that´s what matters, nevertheless, the Chilean victory over Paraguay on the debut of “La Roja femenina”  at the Pan Americans stood out because of an important figure: Christiane Endler, the Chilean captain, one of the best goalkeepers of the world, the huge star of the combination directed by Luis Mena and the ambassador of Santiago 2023.

Her family arrived to stay discreetly in the north area of Estadio Elías Figueroa, Valparaíso, away from the cameras and the technical bench, so as not to distract the Chilean team's goalkeeper, who was a guarantee throughout the match.

That's why she was excited at the end of the game, because everyone wanted to touch her, everyone wanted a picture with her, a selfie, an autograph, a live, a greeting. And "Tiane" made time for everyone, including the media.

We can see her joy and she shows it: “The love of the people is always amazing and I’m grateful for that, I’d like to take pictures and hug everyone, but it is not possible.”

Endler acknowledged that "we are aiming for the gold medal, we want to be there, I think we have to be an ambitious team if we want to achieve things, we have to aim higher, we will see on the way how to achieve it, but that is the goal".

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