Installations for Santiago 2023 are in progress: Centro de Deportes Paralímpicos has a progress of 56%

The precinct, located inside the Parque Estadio Nacional, will host conventional fencing, goalball, and blind football during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

With the visit of the minister, Jaime Pizarro, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Games, Gianna Cunazza, among other authorities, the Minister of Sports, the National Sport Institute and the Santiago 2023 Corporation render account about the progress of the Centro de Deportes Paralímpicos, inside the Parque Estadio Nacional, which reaches a 56%.

The venue for conventional fencing, goalball, and blind football during the Pan American and Parapan American Games will be one of the greatest legacies of the continental event, and it’ll be the most modern precinct in Latin America for the development of Paralympic sports.

The State secretary said that “this will be the house for Paralympic sports, their families, and friends. They’ll have in this wonderful place an option to develop such great competitions during the Games, and they’ll also have the chance to keep training in the future and having more activity here. Concentrating a big part of the activity in this precinct is a fantastic milestone.”

The Centro de Deportes Paralímpicos will host the competitions of three sports and Para sports (Picture from: Santiago 2023).

In addition, the president of the Chilean Paralympic Committee (Copachi), Sebastián Villavicencio, expressed his satisfaction for the development of the project. “For all the Paralympic Movement this is a historic milestone. For a long time we’ve been wandering around different sport precincts in order to develop our sports and this current progress will definitely help with the progress of the international paralympic sport. There will be a turning point,” he expressed.

Also, the Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer and head of sports in the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games, Gianna Cunazza, detailed that “this precinct is part of the legacy these Games will leave, and along with other venues, it fulfills high accessibility standards that surpass the Chilean standard. Santiago 2023 is regulated by the accessibility guide of the International Paralympic Committee and a lot of those buildings also meet these standards.”


The Para athlete Tamara Leonelli, gold medal in C5 class table tennis during the last Parapan American Games, highlighted the building of the first exclusive center for adapted disciplines. “We’re happy and proud of the work we’ve been doing because it’s progressing in a wonderful way. We’ve been practicing in different places so we can develop our disciplines, and to have the chance now to count with an exclusive precinct for us makes us very happy. I hope this brings a valorization of the Paralympic sport,” she indicated.

The event was attended by representatives of Team Para Chile. (picture from: Santiago 2023).

Juan Carlos Garrido, her partner in the Team Para Chile, winner in Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019 in Para powerlifting, commented that “I’m one of the athletes that has been in Paralympic sport for longer time, 25 years approximately, and having the chance to see that today a dream like this is achieved filled us with excitement. I’m grateful to all those workers that are doing their maximum effort to achieve the deadline of this building.”

The Centro de Deportes Paralímpicos will have a central building and a synthetic football field in the outside. It’ll also have rooms that would be able to be used after the Parapan American Games for diverse disciplines; those Games will be carried out between November 17th and 26th.

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