Team Chile receives the support of Santiago 2023, Panam Sport and COCH in the year of the Games

Authorities visited the Centro de Alto Rendimiento facilities, where the athletes are preparing for the Pan American Games. “The Parque should be the first building to be delivered” stated the Chilean Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado, regarding the progress of the construction works at the Estadio Nacional.

With less than nine months to the beginning of the Pan American and Parapan American Games, this wednesday the Chilean Team received the visit of several authorities in the Centro de Alto Rendimiento (CAR), the place where they are training to arrive at the best way to the sporting event. 

This event was attended by the Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado; the President of the Chilean Olympic Committee, Miguel Ángel Mujica; the President of the Chilean Paralympic Committee, Sebastián Villavicencio; the President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic; the Chief Executive Officer of Santiago 2023, Gianna Cunazza, and the Ambassador of the United States to Chile, Bernadette Meehan.

In this first instance, the guests had a tour through the CAR facilities, where they watched the training sessions of several teams and specialties of our country’s Olympic team, such as: wrestling, Para powerlifting and athletics, besides other areas of the Centro focused on the physical recovery of athletes.

Accordingly, the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation Santiago 2023, Gianna Cunazza, stated that “it was a very good visit, sometimes it is needed to get close and be to the athletes who are going to participate in the Games. I’m glad they have invited us to participate, because it gave us the chance to know the diverse areas and spaces that exist within the CAR. I’m glad that all the work we’ve done as a Corporation is alive and has so much meaning for the athletes and Para athletes who train daily here.”

After that, the authorities witnessed in situ the building work that is being developed at the Estadio Nacional, including spaces such as: the Centro Acuático, the Centro de Raquetas and the future Parque to receive the citizens.

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Santiago 2023, Gianna Cunazza with the Ambassador of the United States to Chile, Bernadette Meehan (picture from: Santiago 2023)

The Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado, emphasized the state of progress of the construction work, highlighting that “in the Estadio Nacional are concentrated most of the work for the Games. We are well advanced, what will be the Parque Estadio Nacional is 86% complete, so we do believe this should be the first building to be delivered.”

Moreover, the Minister explained that, even though the work on the sports center is being completed, there are no plans to use them for massive events before the multisport festival of the Americas. “There are eight building projects in progress here, which involves a whole complex security issue that we are considering along with our athletes. We have a lot of rules about the entrance and exit, so it is impossible to carry out massive events in the Coliseo del Estadio Nacional” she added.


The works in the main sports venues contemplate a total remodeling of the spaces adjacent to the Coliseo del Estadio Nacional. The future Parque Deportivo Estadio Nacional will be a new green lung for the citizens of Santiago thanks to more than 10 hectares of green areas, pedestrian paths and recreation and entertainment parks for families.

Moreover, the sports infrastructure buildings will give a total space of 64 hectares focused on the practice of high performance disciplines, including bike path, football courts, rugby, field hockey, and also landscaping and tree planting. The investment destined will exceed 19 thousand million pesos.


- Centro Acuático
- Coliseo del Estadio Nacional “Julio Martínez”
- Centro Atlético "Mario Recordón"
- Centro de Deportes Colectivos
- Polideportivo 1
- Explanada de Deportes Urbanos
- Centro de Deportes Paralímpicos
- Centro Deportivo de Hockey Césped
- Centro de Deportes de Contacto
- Centro Deportivo de las Raquetas
- Patinódromo
- Centro Deportivo Sur
- In addition, it will count on a park with 10 hectares of green areas, bike and pedestrian paths. 

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