Santiago 2023 signs an agreement with the Army to use military venues during the Pan American and Parapan American Games

The military entity will provide sports facilities in Las Condes, Pudahuel and Quillota

The organization of the Pan American and Parapan American Games progresses with the signature of an agreement between the Santiago 2023 Corporation and the Chilean Army, this agreement is under law 20.887 that facilitates the infrastructure and equipment of the Armed Forces for sports.

The military institution ceded through this agreement the following venues: Escuela Militar, located in Las Condes, that will receive the modern pentathlon; the Polígono de Pudahuel, that will held shooting and shooting para sport, and the Escuela de Equitación Regimiento Granaderos in Quillota, where equestrian sports will be developed.

The Commander of the Army Engineers Division, General of the squad Guido Frávega, indicated that “we had several coordination meetings with the organization group of the Games who made their requirements and, according to our capabilities, we reached an agreement and accomplished the requests. We expect that the delivery of these fields, the expectations  that the country has set for this sporting event will be satisfied.”

Meanwhile, the Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer of the Games, Gianna Cunazza, indicated that “the athletes and members of the Armed Forces have things in common. Both share the spirit of discipline, the need to develop excellence in planning and, also, the importance of cultivating team excellence. In addition, the sports that bring us together have given great triumphs for Chile.”

The ceremony was also attended by the military officials in charge of the competition venues: the Director of the Escuela Militar, Colonel Fernando Silva; the Director of the National Defense Sports Confederation (Cofeden); from the Polígono de Lo Aguirre, Colonel Nelson Cabezas and the Commander of the Regimiento Escolta Presidencial N°1 “Granaderos” (Presidential Escort Regiment #1), Colonel Nicolás Díaz.

The Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games will be celebrated this year in Chile from October 20th to November 26th, gathering nearly 9 thousand athletes in four regions: Metropolitana, Valparaíso, O’Higgins and Bío-Bío.

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