The objective of the santiago 2023 pan american and parapan american games is not only to develop high performance at the local and continental level, but also, to leave a legacy in the community through this experience. that's why today we launch our education program which will contribute to this important objective.

The Santiago 2023 Education Program seeks, through an online platform, to strengthen the inclusive, diverse and sustainable training of teachers, children and adolescents from different regions of the country, highlighting the social role of sport.

The relationship of this great sporting event with the community is extremely important and goes beyond Santiago 2023. As a result, this program is proposed as a new meeting point between the sports and society, new perspectives on sport and physical activity and, above all, new ways of experiencing sport from its social role. 

Specifically, the implementation of the program consists of four modules: Introduction to the Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games; Sport and Sustainable Development; Sport and Social Inclusion and, finally, Sport and Culture.

In collaboration with entities such as the Ministries of Education and Sports, regional governments, municipalities, communities, higher education institutions and social organizations, among others, this plan seeks to educate about sport as a tool for sustainable development, publicize Pan-American and Parapan American sports, achieve a larger audience through the program's online content, and generate experiences that trigger these skills in teachers, boys, girls and young people. 

Santiago 2023 is more than Games, so we all stand together to leave a legacy for Chile!

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