Pan American and Parapan American sports already have their representative figures for the prelude to the most important multi-sport event that has been held in Chile. In total, there are 78 pictograms: 60 Pan American and 18 Parapan American.

The Santiago 2023 Corporation launched the pictograms for the next Games, where each icon represents one of the 60 Pan American and 18 Parapan American disciplines. In the creative idea, the majesty of Los Andes stands out, which is represented in the shapes and peaks of these figures, demonstrating that sport allows everyone to reach the top.


With an idea that represents the essence of the Games, sports and Para sports, the creative team of Santiago 2023 took graphic elements to represent all the disciplines through different postures, gestures and movements. These elements will be present during the Games Time, being the visible face for America and the world.

In addition, many of the symbolic elements highlighted by the Santiago 2023 pictograms are related to the official logo. Pictograms will also be present in products, merchandising, clothing and communication aspects, being for example the official broadcast figures. Their colors and the representation of the multiculturalism of the representatives at the Pan American and Parapan American Games also stand out. 

The word “pictogram” comes from Greek and Latin, and means “painted word”. Thanks to these elements, sports fans and the general public will be able to relate each discipline to its representative graphic element.

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