“Our meeting point”: the new slogan of Santiago 2023


One year ahead of the most important festival that Chile has had in its history, Santiago 2023 launches the new slogan that athletes, Para athletes and communities throughout the Americas will wear at the next Pan American and Parapan American Games.

“Our meeting point” will bring together not only the best exponents of America, but also all the people who feel identified with our fundamental pillars: high performance, community, inclusion and sustainability.

Santiago 2023, “our meeting point”, will bring together an entire city, a country and a continent. Learn more about our slogan!

A meeting of boys, girls and the elderly

Sport unites us all. Santiago 2023 will offer girls, boys, adolescents and older adults free tickets to attend the competitions of the 56 sports at the Games. In addition, with the Education Program we will carry out workshops aimed at teachers, following the values ​​of equity and inclusion. “Our meeting point” also makes sense to leave a mark on educational training.

With new urban sports

The Pan American sports that are regularly practiced today in the streets of Santiago will make their debut at the Games, such as breaking, skateboarding and sport climbing.

A decentralized meeting point

Not only in Santiago will we vibrate with sports competitions. Los Andes, Quillota, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Algarrobo, Pichilemu and San Pedro de la Paz will also experience the most important multi-sport event organized in our country. 

In addition, the passion, inclusion and perseverance of each athlete will reach every corner of Chile and the world, with more than 1,900 hours of television broadcasts.

Park open to citizens

The infrastructure of the Games will leave a material legacy for all Chileans. Parque Deportivo Estadio Nacional will be the largest urban and sports park in South America, with 64 hectares that will include new public facilities for sports and green areas.

Inclusive Games 

Santiago 2023 has inclusion among its values. Since sport is a meeting point for everyone, it will become the first Games to use the same slogan for the Pan American and Parapan American Games. 

Our focus is that we change the perception towards people with disabilities, showcasing the achievements of the best Para athletes in America. Raising awareness about Paralympic sports is changing the way people with disabilities are seen by others. 

All may participate in the Volunteer Program, which has as its goal an equal participation of men and women. We seek to give the best experience to 17,000 volunteers, who share their immeasurable energy and all their inspiration with us.  

Community at the center

Our goal is to bring the Games closer to communities. We work, permanently, with the 20 districts that will host this event. And we have also met neighbors to understand their wishes and interests regarding the realization of Santiago 2023, the most important multi-sport event held in our country.

The Games are an invaluable opportunity to leave a mark, a precious memory. An opportunity to meet. 


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