Mexican Salinas Reaffirms Gold in Shot Put F53-54, Approaches His Record

The athlete was just one centimeter away from matching his best continental record in Santiago 2023.

Friday, November 24th, 2023.- Mexican athlete Johnatan Abel Salinas came very close to breaking the Parapan American record in shot put, F53/54 category (competing seated), reaching a distance of 10.28 meters in his best throw during the Friday afternoon at the Centro Atlético Mario Recordón of the Estadio Nacional in Santiago 2023.

His performance was just a hair short of surpassing the Parapan American record of 10.29 meters, which he set himself in Lima on August 27, 2019.

The result secured the gold for his country, also placing Erick Ortiz on the podium with a silver medal for a throw of 7.81 meters.

"We are very happy, pleased, and satisfied with the gold medal for Mexico once again," said Johnatan Salinas after completing the event.

"We are working to be able to go to Paris; I am very well positioned in the ranking, so it gives me the guideline to give my best," he added.

The bronze medal went to the representative from Colombia, Alex Bohórquez, who achieved a distance of 8.56 meters in his best throw.

In fourth place was Máximo Linares (F54) with a mark of 6.12 meters.

Written by Erwin Acevedo–Esteban Gómez; translated by Paulette Bertín / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport
Photo by Javier Salvo / Santiago 2023 vía Photosport

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