Miguel Ángel Mujica: "It has been exciting to be able to remember Lima 2019"

Miguel Ángel Mujica, president of the Chilean Olympic Committee, was at the head of the national delegation during the Lima 2019 Games, where the best collection of medals in the history of Chilean sport was obtained.

A total of 50 medals marked the path of high national sports performance forever, a performance that is expected to have enormous projections and hopes for Santiago 2023. On the days when we remember the Pan American Games in Lima 2019, we spoke with the president of the COCH.

One year after Lima 2019, what are the feelings that overwhelm you?

It has been very exciting to be able to remember what a year ago the TeamChile athletes were beginning to build. They were unforgettable weeks and that now, with the absence of competitions for so many months ago, we value it even more.

Lima 2019 saw the best representation of Chile in its history. As president of the COCH, how did this milestone mark you?

I believe that for anyone who is lucky enough to be part of an organization like the COCH it is really a dream to obtain results like this. Especially because it has been many years of work, planning, and efforts. There is no better feeling than the award for a job well done by athletes, coaches, leaders and authorities.

What are the greatest experiences that come out of Lima 2019 thinking about Santiago 2023?

Plenty of them. In sports we know that we have to double our efforts to be able to overcome what we obtained in 2019, which was the best performance in history. And organizationally, we are going with a great task, but we know that Chileans vibrate with sport and this will not be the exception.

How has the organization been in the pandemic of Santiago 2023?

I feel that we are progressing within the deadlines and with a very cohesive team. The pandemic means less social contact or fewer marketing actions, but not less work: the deadlines are very clear and there is the necessary coordination so that they are fulfilled.

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