Los Tres became a reality! The magical formation indulged us in nostalgia on a night full of lights

The Chilean band performed tonight, in front of more than 30 thousand people for the opening night of the Pan American Games.


Álvaro Henríquez, Francisco “Pancho” Molina, Ángel Parra, and Roberto “Titae” Lindl came back after being split up for 23 years. The national band played their best songs tonight, the ones that made the audience enjoy the ceremony that started the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The band from the Concepción Region enlivened the night of Friday, October 20th, during the opening ceremony of the multi-sports festival that brings together the best athletes of the continent, with their most well-known songs: “Déjate Caer”, “La torre de Babel”, “Un amor violento”, and the traditional rhythm of cueca in “La vida que yo he pasado” of Roberto Parra.

The band, led by Álvaro Henríquez, became the first Chilean group to record an MTV-Unplugged in Miami in September of 1995, an iconic format of the decade that, eventually, internationalized their career. That experience resulted in a Platinum Record which was the best-selling album in Chile the following year.

A great musical and multicultural environment were what we lived-in the Coliseum of Parque Estadio Nacional from 8:00 p.m. The euphoric shouts and applause of the more than 30 thousand attendees, who came to witness the beautiful ceremony, enjoyed the parade of all the sports delegations and songs of the most outstanding groups and singers who stepped on stage.

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