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Xavier led the small delegation from the British Virgin Islands

He was the first to arrive at Estadio Nacional and alone. Alongside a teammate, he will proudly carry their flag.


He walked among the delegations, some of them extremely numerous and others not so much. Some more elegant and others more sporty.

Hard not to draw attention to him. Representing the British Virgin Islands, he was only with one of the Santiago 2023 volunteers and the sign with the name of his country.

However, he felt neither fear nor shame. Quite the opposite. With joy, he greeted each and every athlete who approached him. He is Xavier, the leader of the delegation of his country.

“ I’m not alone. There is still a teammate to arrive. It is a matter of national pride. My time in Chile has been great. Everyone has welcomed me with a smile,” said the athlete.

Written by: Carlos Ramírez Salazar.

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