“Chévere”, “padrísima”, “bella”: These are the adjectives that athletes used to describe Santiago 2023 Village

The delegations are pleased with the apartments where the athletes are staying and have highlighted it on social media. Even a Mexican swimmer bragged about it in a video.

The majority of the 41 sports delegations that participate in the Pan American Games, which will be officially inaugurated tomorrow, October 20th, with the opening ceremony and lighting of the cauldron, have highlighted several aspects of the Santiago 2023 Village. And this has been stated by the competitors on their different social media platforms.

According to colloquial terminology of their countries, concepts, and adjectives have appeared, in their majority positive, like “chévere” (used in Venezuela and Peru, to describe something spectacular) and “padre” (in Mexico, to describe something great), among others, to stand out the Pan American and Parapan American Village qualities. The Village has four condominiums with three to five towers (between 6 and 17 floors each), with 1,355 apartments, a large dining hall, a polyclinic approved by the Ministry of Health, recycling centers, and a police station, along with other facilities to ensure that the athletes have a pleasant and safe experience.

One of the testimonies that has gone most viral is from the Mexican swimmer Jorge Iga, who on his Instagram profile “bragged” about his apartment, showing the inside (the common area and dining room, the kitchen and his room), to look out into the balcony and emphasize “we have a padrísima view.”

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