Rocky inspires them: schoolers of La Cisterna got excited by boxing at Santiago 2023

Students of Centro Politécnico Carlos Condell enjoyed the first round of Pan American boxing that was held at the Centro de Entrenamiento Olímpico (CEO) in Ñuñoa.

Just like one of the typical scenes from the movie Rocky, the atmosphere at Centro de Entrenamiento Olímpico was great and exciting. The big crowd that arrived to enjoy the first rounds vibed with the music on the stands.

The first day of Pan American pugilism took place normally. The tension and nervousness were felt after the first female round was disputed between Lucía Noelia Pérez, from Argentina; and Alesha Jackman, from Guyana. 

The shouts and instructions from the Delegations of each fighter were euphoric and deafening, with an idiomatic mixture that gave more fervor to the fights.

Among the attendees, in the corner of the stands, the presence of students from the Centro Politécnico Carlos Condell of La Cisterna stood out. They were admiring the gloves and powerful fists that took place in the blue ring of Santiago 2023.

For science teacher Camila Flores (29), boxing provided a great opportunity for the students to experience sports, “we come from a complex commune and the school has high rates of vulnerability, so it does not have many options to play sports.” She also mentioned that "this is an option to approach other types of sports than just soccer."

The young visitors traveled for about half an hour. They did it by bus through the streets of the capital to enjoy one of the most popular sports in the world that provides quotas for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

"It's good that we have the chance to see this type of sport, because where we live there aren't many opportunities," commented Michael Jara (17), a student at La Cisterna school. 

Boxing will continue to show glorious fights in the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games from this Friday, October 20th, until the 27th of the same month in the Centro de Entrenamiento Olímpico.

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