Pan American Corridor will connect four major sports centers in Santiago 2023

The Pan American Village, O'Higgins Park, the National Stadium Sports Park and the Peñalolén Sports Park will be separated by just 20 kilometers, which will have various connectivity alternatives for athletes and fans.

Eleven districts of the capital will experience the Santiago 2023 festival, but the backbone of the Pan American and Para Pan American Games will be the 20.2 km corridor that will link, from west to east, the Village, the O'Higgins Park, the National Stadium Sports Park and the Peñalolén Sports Park.

The Pan-American Village, which will be built with private investment in the north of the Cerrillos Bicentennial Park, will receive the more than eight thousand athletes who will come to Santiago in 2023 and will have easy access from the Cerrillos Metro station (Line 6). In addition, it will be next to important highways that connect it with the rest of the city, such as Avenida General Velásquez, Avenida Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Route 78 and Avenida Carlos Valdovinos.

Seven kilometers to the east, through Pedro Aguirre Cerda and then the continuation through Rondizzoni, you arrive at Parque O'Higgins, which will have as venues for the Santiago 2023 Games the Roofed Stadium, the new Skate Rink and the Urban Sports Esplanada. This place located in the heart of the capital, is also very connected with the rest of the city thanks to the Parque O'Higgins Station (Line 2).

From the O'Higgins Park you can easily travel the little more than five kilometers to the National Stadium Sports Park, along the Avenida Matta axis and then continue along Avenida Grecia. This section will also be connected by the metropolitan train: from the Parque O'Higgins station you can easily reach the Estadio Nacional station with a transfer from Line 2 to Line 6 in Franklin.

On the way east from the National Stadium Sports Park to the Peñalolén Sports Park (where, among others, the cycling route and BMX will be held) there are seven kilometers distance, which can be covered by Avenida Grecia, Avenida Vespucio and José Arrieta.

Thus, thanks to the 2023 Pan American Corridor, citizens will be able to enjoy dozens of sports and disciplines during the Games in a 20-kilometer stretch, which will have various modern and fast connection alternatives.

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