16 districts in the metropolitan region and Valparaíso will host the Pan American and Para Pan American games

This Monday the Public Infrastructure Plan that the Government of Chile will promote for the Pan American and Para Pan American Games Santiago 2023 was presented. The infrastructure budget will reach 170 million dollars, which will allow the construction of ten new sports venues and the improvement of another six, a Public Sports Park System and a series of Elige Vivir Sano Centers open to the community.

In an activity held at the National Stadium, the Minister of Sports and president of the Santiago 2023 Corporation Board of Directors, Cecilia Pérez, led the activity in which the Sports Infrastructure Plan for the Pan American and Para Pan American Games that Chile will receive in less than four years. Also participating in the event were Felipe De Pablo, executive director of Santiago 2023; Andrés Otero, Undersecretary of Sports; Miguel Ángel Mujica, president of the Chilean Olympic Committee; Ricardo Elizalde, president of the Paralympic Committee of Chile, and also directors and managers of Santiago 2023.

Thanks to this works plan, with a marked social focus, eleven districts in the Metropolitan Region and five districts in the Valparaíso Region will receive the different competitions of this sports mega-event: Ñuñoa, Peñalolén, Santiago, Lo Espejo, Cerrillos, San Bernardo, San Ramón, Las Condes, Pudahuel, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Quillota, Los Andes, Algarrobo, plus two still to be defined in which Elige Vivir Sano Centers will be built.

In Santiago the focus will be on the Pan-American Corridor, which runs from the Pan-American Village in Cerrillos, passing through O'Higgins Park and the National Stadium Sports Park, to the Peñalolén Sports Park. The entire corridor includes an urban planning system that includes sports venues, highways, roads and transport.

"The launch of this infrastructure plan for the Pan American and Para Pan American Games Santiago 2023 ratifies the commitment of the Ministry of Education, Coch and Copachi with the realization of this great sporting event in Chile," said the executive director of the Santiago 2023 Corporation. Felipe De Pablo. "This plan, which the corporation has already been working on in 2019, sets us a very demanding work route to be up to this enormous country challenge."

The Elige Vivir Sano Centers are one of the main novelties for the Pan American and Para Pan American Games, since four of these community venues (including those in Lo Espejo and San Ramón) will be venues in Santiago 2023. For that, they will adapt in a modular way to the Pan American standard, both in capacity and in the playing surface.

“The Infrastructure Plan that we deliver will have an important legacy and above all a seal mark for us as a government is super important, which is a social community mark. Thanks to this, the great high-performance athletes will be able to coexist with the community when the Pan American and Para Pan American Games are held, even beforehand, during the preparation ”, commented the Minister of Sports and president of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, Cecilia Pérez.

The Pan American and Para Pan American Games 2023 will have an estimated total budget of US $ 507 million, of which US $ 170 million will be allocated to the construction, adaptation, and improvement of sports venues. This investment will leave an important legacy of social and sports infrastructure in the country, which includes three public sports parks and 100 hectares of green areas for sports.

In this way, the Government of Chile and the Santiago 2023 Corporation take a transcendent step towards holding unforgettable Pan American and Para Pan American Games; leave first-class infrastructure for our high-performance athletes and in turn deliver a social legacy to citizens in order to meet the goal of reaching five million athletes by 2023.

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