Clemente Seguel: “Qualifying for the games was the dream I always had"

The young algarrobino sailor has won 8 national titles and has excelled in various international competitions, becoming one of the most notable Chilean athletes.

Like many other members of Team Chile, Clemente Seguel travelled to Europe to resume the training intensity for the competitions.

Tell us about your qualification for Tokyo 2020, What did this competition and your entry to the Olympic Games mean to you?

It was a very special moment to qualify for my first Games. It was like the dream I always had and had been waiting for it for a long time. We did a good job with my coach and the whole team behind it. The competition was quite difficult, not only in the water but with everything that a selective Olympian entails, such as nervousness and what you have to cover to be prepared in the best way. The truth is that it was an epic and emotional moment, which I was able to share with my family. 

What has it been like to train in the middle of the pandemic? Have you had problems?

Clearly, with the virus issue, we had to adapt the training and later with the postponement of the Games we restructured the calendar we had. Since we couldn't get out at the beginning of the pandemic, I had to adapt a gym with some elements that my club, Cofradía Náutica del Pacífico, lent me.
With this I was able to continue working out physically and with the help of a bicycle roller I worked on my resistance. Obviously the most important thing was to navigate, which at first could not be done, but later the subject was opened up a bit and my club allowed me to sail four days a week. Now, thanks to the support of the Federation, the Ministry and the Olympic Committee, I was able to go to Europe to continue my training.

Do you think the postponement of the event affected you?

I see this as something that, within everything, I have to take advantage of. It means more preparation time, and I am the youngest in the competition, so it is an opportunity to arrive better prepared for this mega event. 

What are your next challenges?

I traveled to Europe with the idea of picking up the pace of competitions. For the same reason, I was with my coach at Lago Di Garda in Italy, where we did a fairly strong block of training for about two weeks. I was in Kiel, Germany, competing in the country's Olympic week. This was my first post-quarantine championship. There was a high level and a lot of desire to compete again. After this, we'll go to Medemblik, Holland to run the Dutch national championship and from there we'll end up in Poland to compete in the European championship. After these three championships, I'll return to Chile.

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