Camila Caram and the first public field hockey courts: "It is incredible to see how it is finally being achieved"

Last Monday a visit was made to the National Stadium Park to see the progress of the future field hockey courts, which will be the first public training center for this sport.

Part of the Santiago 2023 board participated in this instance; the president of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic; representatives of field hockey such as the president of the Federation, Walter Kramer; the coach of the women's team, Sergio Vigil, and the captain of the team, Camila Caram.

The Chilean player has been part of “Las Diablas” for more than ten years and mentions that the construction of the first public courts has the selection team “very happy and excited”. 

Field hockey has been in our country for 60 years, but they had never had a field that was the national team's. Today you are standing on these first stones. What does it feel like?

I feel a maximum emotion. I said "I have to see this to believe it" because it has been requested for ten years and it is incredible to see how it is finally being achieved. Surely this demand comes from before too, so when the day comes to see the beginnings of construction, I will still have trouble believing it. 

Have you seen the project, have you been able to internalize it? Are the two fields you are seeing enough for the next Santiago 2023 Pan American Games?

I have been looking at some preliminary things, but I know that the project is in good hands, because the Federation has been on top of all the details. I think two courts are enough. It seems perfect to me, since it is what all field hockey venues have in different countries. We are very happy with what is being done.

What are the Diablas in at this moment?

We have been back on the courts for a little over a month, so we are happy to be able to play. For now, we hope that the government's steps will continue to advance, because as we continue to play in private clubs, we have to abide by those restrictions of training with the necessary distance and not establishing physical contact. We are also looking forward to the tournaments that come to us next year, since these were all suspended.

What is the next tournament?

It is the South American that would be in May 2021. At first it ran from June to December, but given the context it was left semi confirmed for May next year.

Will we see Camila Caram participate in Santiago 2023?

I want to do everything possible to be there. We are going to see how things happen obviously, but in any case the intentions to participate in the Games are there. 

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