Santiago 2023 will distribute 100,000 condoms for a healthy and responsible sexuality

The Organizing Committee signed an agreement with Lifestyles that will benefit these games’ athletes and the general public.

The Pan American and Parapan American Games will promote safe sex among athletes and the public at this event. Only in the Santiago 2023 Village and the official hotels 90,000 condoms will be distributed, along with the 10,000 that will be given to the audience through several points of distribution set up by the official provider, Lifestyles, especially in the Parque Estadio Nacional area.

This alliance considers handing over the best-selling extra-sensitive condoms (gray), together with the vibra-ribbed (blue), and studded (red). They will be handed in a string, avoiding carton boxes altogether. With this, the company hopes to reduce waste in the housing areas.

Laboratorios Prater’s CEO, Pablo Lira; the company responsible for importing and distributing these condoms in Chile; said that “we want to encourage a healthy sexual life for everyone’s protection, so we wanted to be present in this important event. We want to educate young people and athletes to be careful.”

Laboratorios Prater’s CEO, Pablo Lira, showed Harold Mayne-Nicholls the packaging process. The company’s factory is located in the district of Cerrillos (picture by: Sergio Maureira/Santiago 2023).

Accordingly, the Chief Executive Officer of the Santiago 2023 Corporation, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, expressed that “what we are looking for is that the health of our athletes does not present any issues, and for them to express their sexuality as they see fit and without consequences.”

The figure to be distributed at the event is similar to the one in the last Games in Lima, but far from the 450,000 condoms given at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The athletes, 7,000 conventional and 2,000 with disabilities, will have access free of charge to this protection that aims for a healthy and responsible sexuality.

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