The volunteers and partners of Santiago 2023 were the stars of the fashion show to present their official uniforms

Close to 20 people of all ages were in charge of showing the clothes that will be worn during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

This Friday 8th of September was the official exhibition of the uniforms that will be used by the volunteers and the Santiago 2023 staff for more than a month, between October and November, during the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Who modeled on this occasion? Well, themselves. Members of the Volunteering Program and the collaborators from the Santiago 2023 Corporation stood out on the walkway and shone with their own light, wearing the clothes that will become their second skin during the multisports festival.

The stage chosen to have this presentation was Campus Joaquín Cabezas of the UMCE, located a few steps away from Estadio Nacional, which will become a huge accreditation center during Games Time.

Twenty people, of all ages, became fashion icons for a couple of hours, under the eyes of diverse authorities and people related to the great event.

Rosa Godoy was one of the outstanding figures of the event. The volunteer showed all the joy she feels because of her role at Santiago 2023, saying “for me this is a dream come true, I always had in mind volunteering after my retirement, and what better way than leaving the name of Chile on the top.”

On the same topic, Godoy added that her motivations to make this decision were based on that “I like history a lot and I always wanted to be part of the history of this country. This record is going to stay, so when I’m not here anymore, this will be seen by my granddaughter, my daughters and everyone who comes after me.”

Volunteers and collaborators were protagonists. (Picture: Santiago 2023).

The design of the uniforms for the volunteers, with intense colors like blue and yellow, focuses on giving them visibility among the crowds that will arrive at the sports venues during the  multisport event.

Jessy Santaella was another of the volunteers that participated in this important announcement. For her, this event “marks a turning point in the country. We are preparing ourselves with all of our energies, going to all the training courses and rehearsals so things can go smoothly, both for Chileans and for everyone who visits us.”

On the other hand, Cristian Navarro, a member of the team in charge of the Santiago 2023 volunteers, was one of the collaborators chosen to represent the Organizing Committee at UMCE.

On this occasion, he pointed out that “is very important because presenting these uniforms, for us, is like starting the Games. The clothes are amazing, of great quality and very comfortable. We are very happy with it and we are working daily with all the motivation to have a great event.”

The clothes that the staff form Santiago 2023 will use will be of a turquoise color, hoping to portray the colors present on the national territory.

Written by: Carlos Ramírez Salazar.

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