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It's official! Cycling governing body approves the BMX Freestyle track at the Parque Estadio Nacional

After the review carried out by two national riders, today was issued the expected document from the UCI, which certifies its validity as a track for the Pan American Games.


Fifteen days ago, national riders Macarena Pérez and José Cedano put on their helmets to be the first to check out the BMX Freestyle track at the Parque Estadio Nacional. And after several pirouettes and spins, they gave the go-ahead, amidst praise for the sinuosity and camber of the track.

And today such an important event took place, as the International Cycling Union (UCI) issued the official certificate necessary to allow the competition to be held at the Pan American Games. 

"This certificate states that the BMX Freestyle park mentioned above was approved by the UCI and confirms that it complies with its regulations and the BMX Park Guide of the same institution that is currently in force." as expressed in the document dated September 15th.

"You could say it's the first professional ramp in Chile," said "Maca," who had the honor of being the first rider in the world to debut BMX at the Olympic Games.

The BMX Freestyle track is part of the Urban Sports Esplanade, a space that will host this competition on the single day of Sunday, November 5, a day full of excitement and adrenaline with riders from all over the continent. Tickets for the competition are already sold out.

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