Santiago 2023 Games is in Chile’s heart: 81% of people see it as a beneficial event, and 72% think it will help the country

Harold Mayne-Nicholls, Chief Executive Officer of the major event’s Organizing Committee, reported important figures about the citizen’s perception of the event.


On Thursday, September 14th, Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, led an important meeting at the Sheraton Santiago  Hotel. The reason? To report the results of a study conducted by IPSOS to measure public opinion about the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

Interesting findings were revealed in the report submitted by the specialist company, under the watchful eyes of a hundred participants. Among them were the Sports Minister, Jaime Pizarro; Sports Undersecretary, Antonia Illanes; three-time Olympic medallist and Santiago 2023 Games Ambassador, Fernando González, as well as Chile’s sports federations representatives and the main sponsors of the multisport event.

The image that these games reflect on citizens is clearly positive, since 81% of those surveyed think of these games as a beneficial event, while 72% of respondents felt represented with the idea that this competition will help the country in some way.

Another finding of the survey was the values that citizens associate with the event. IPSOS found that inclusion, hard work, entrepreneurship, and inspiration were the four major pillars that the respondents highlighted.

Accordingly, 83% of participants noted that these games will help people with impairments, whereas 76% think that the country’s pride will increase.

Santiago 2023 Games are coming too soon. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


The survey presented on Thursday also provided an important section about the Santiago 2023 brand awareness among citizens. About this, 83% of respondents know about the event, which is a significant increase from past february, when only 21% of people knew the brand.

Along the same lines, the Game’s atmosphere wasn’t a random concept. According to IPSOS findings 88% of Chileans know that the Pan American Games will start soon, while 64% state the same about the Parapan American event.

Regarding the reasons that are driving people into attending the venues, 67% of them said that they want to support the Chilean athletes, while 57% consider this event as a “unique experience”. Entertainment (47%), and the presence of international sport stars (44%) are other reasons why people want to attend the competitions.

People give a lot of reasons to see the Games. (Picture: Santiago 2023).


In an era that indisputably leans to social media and retrieving information from the internet, digital media is in demand among people. However, according to IPSOS, it hasn’t been able to dethrone television as the main source of general knowledge of Santiago 2023.

This is how 80% of respondents admittedly knew about the event through television, and 77% of the total wants to keep it that way, while 75% of people will use social media and online platforms to know the details of the sporting event.

These results were highly valued by Mayne-Nicholls, who noted the strong sense of unity behind this major event, the biggest organized by our country in all its history. “We need to feel united and proud of being Chileans, and without a doubt, we think that our athletes can help us with that”, he concluded.

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