Pan american legends: Michael Jordan

August of 1983: The city of Caracas was preparing for the IX Pan American Games, without anyone imagining that a person would arrive to the capital of Venezuela, along with the entire United States basketball team, which would be the best athlete of this sport of all time: Michael "Air" Jordan.

Jordan was just 20 years old, a student, and had already been voted the best college basketball player of the season. The North American team for the Caracas 83 Pan American Games also had players like Sam Perkins, Chris Mullin and Mark Price who would also become great figures in the NBA.

Very aware of his extraordinary conditions and also possessor of the sense of the show, Michael Jordan dedicated himself not only to score, jump and shine in each game. He also played with the audience, he offered entertainment and excitement. Word spread in the city about the magic that this 1.98 meter player had, and the Poliedro de Caracas was packed every night.

The United States team won all 8 games and Jordan won the Pan-American gold medal in the final where they beat Brazil. He never played a Pan American Game again, since, the following year, in 1984, he would sign for the Chicago Bulls, going professional. With the Bulls he would win 6 NBA championships and 10 top scorer titles.

"Air" Jordan also won gold at the Los Angeles 84 'and Barcelona 92' Olympics, when professional players were admitted to amateur competitions. The Dream Team swept away and marked another milestone in the history of modern Olympism.

50 covers of the Sport Illustrated Magazine, athlete of the year in 1991 and the best of the twentieth century according to ESPN, Michael Jordan still remembers when he took the newly opened Caracas subway, already with the Pan-American gold in his pocket and launched himself to know the city that saw the birth of one of the legends of world sport during a Pan American event.

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