The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are a reality, some sports without audiences, others with reduced capacity, but what has been common to all scenarios are the athletes that have left their footprint in the largest multi-sport event in the world, and where many representatives from the Americas already made history. Read about their stories here.

From North America, Mexican Gabriela Agúndez and Alejandra Orozco achieved the bronze medal in the synchronized diving competition. Agúndez and Orozco won the bronze medal in the synchronized jump from the 10-meter platform, just behind the couples from China and USA, who won the gold and silver medal respectively.

In Surf, a sport that debuted in the Olympic Games and will be present in Santiago 2023, the Brazilian Ítalo Ferreira managed to win the gold medal, by beating Japanese Kanoa Igaragshi. The events for surf were performed amidst hard adverse climate conditions, since a typhoon is being alerted to arrive to the Japanese capital city.

Cuba doesn’t fall behind, with Rafael Alba, who won the bronze medal in the +80 kg Taekwondo category, beating Chinese Sun Hongyi. Alba was one of the favorites to get one of the medals of this sport.

Brazil surprised again, with Rayssa Leal, the “Fadinha” (Little Fairy, in Portuguese) representing her country in Skate, making history in the sport that debuted in Tokyo 2020. At age 13, she has become the youngest Brazilian Olympic medalist, achieving the silver medal in women’s street skating.

Another country from the Americas that has left its mark is Ecuador, with Richard Carapaz, who won the first Olympic medal for Ecuador in the Men’s Road Cycling event, getting the maximum award with the gold medal. Carapaz, winner of the Giro d’Italia in 2019, crossed the finish line in the first place in the Fuji International circuit and gave his country an unforgettable moment.

While Chile, country that will host the largest multi-sport event in the Americas, had a historical participation with Diego Moya, the 22-year-old triathlon athlete was able to finish the competition in the 30th place, achieving a great result for the country, finishing as the fourth best in the Americas, and second best south American in this competition.

Colombia has also made great news, with Luis Mosquera who made history again and got the silver medal in weightlifting, in the +67 kg category. It is the second medal that the vallecaucano wins, after his bronze medal in Rio.

We will continue to review the great moments of the athletes from the Americas in the Olympic Games, as we wait to receive the best representatives from all sports from the Americas in Santiago 2023.

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