‘’You need it and it relaxes you’’: The protagonist role of towels in diving that can only be appreciated live

For the novices in the experience of watching a competition of this type in situ, it surely caught their attention what happens with this implement. Drying the body? Yes, that is its main function, but not the only one.

Diving is a sport full of elements beyond the competition. Competitors require precision and concentration before jumping into the water, regardless of the height in which they participate.

But just before that adrenaline-pumping moment, there is a small gesture that could perfectly be considered a ritual. There, an unexpected character enters the scene, which can only be seen live. You won't see it on television.

It’s about the towels. Dozens of them fly vertically from the platforms and diving boards, thrown with more or less force by the divers, often falling into the same pool. They are used to dry the space for a safe jump, but also for other purposes.

The Mexican stars shared their views on this (Photo: Santiago 2023 via Photosport).

Alejandra Orozco, who this Saturday won a silver medal in the 10-meter dash, admitted her idyll with this implement. "I think it is our companion on the platform. It's an item you need with you when you're alone up there. It relaxes you. It's with you all the time, but you also need to not take risks," shared the Mexican star.

A view was shared by Mariana Osorio from Colombia, who was in sixth place in the competition, explained that "in my country, we call it caneo. It is not a normal towel, since it absorbs a lot of water. It has kind of unconscious predetermined movements that help you concentrate before the jump."

The big star of the night, Gabriela Agúndez, who took the gold, analyzed the use of this object in a more literal way. "It depends on each athlete and how she likes it best. In my case, it is more comfortable for me to go with the towel up to the top, but these are individual preferences," she expressed.

There is no doubt that the experience of watching diving live for the first time generates too many questions, which can only be answered in the pool of the Aquatic Center of the National Stadium. Don't miss it.

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