Big news: Pan American football tickets will also be available at the stadium

To encourage the purchase of tickets, the Santiago 2023 Corporation informed that from tomorrow this option will be available for all of those who want to attend the male and female soccer team competition at the Elías Figueroa and Sausalito stadium in Valparaíso Region.

The purchase of tickets to watch the Pan American Games live has increased since the open ceremony. This increase is felt on the streets, with people going to see the sports at the different venues of Santiago 2023.

Although the amount is rising almost to the million tickets both purchased and free, there are two scenarios in which there are still many tickets available. This is football, a sports that, as of today, both male and female events have a low average of 23% of tickets purchased to attend the Elías Figueroa stadium in Valparaiso and Sausalito stadium in Viña Del Mar.

Due to this, the Santiago 2023 Corporation managed some time ago the option of allowing the public to buy tickets in both stadiums. The request finally had the expected effect, since today the executive director of the Organizing Committee of the biggest multi-sport event in the country’s history, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, reported that the go-ahead had been given.

“Today, we have received the authorization to sell tickets in the precinct. We invite all people to attend the stadiums since a lot of tickets are still available. I also invite personally all people from the Valparaiso Region to go to the ticket-selling points and also visit,” expressed Mayne-Nicholls. 

The director added that “we have sold over 980,000 tickets out of 1,200,000, but soccer is still very, very far behind. I think our national team deserves an absolute full house. The other teams also deserve a very good audience and that the Valparaiso Region confirms its great love for soccer.”

The tickets selling points in the stadium will be active from tomorrow, so you will also be able to watch Colombia vs Honduras (at 01:00 p.m in Elías Figueroa stadium), Uruguay vs Dominican Republic (at 03:00 p.m in Sausalito), Brazil vs the United States (at 06:00 p.m in Playa ancha), and the headline match Chile vs Mexico at 08:00 p.m in Viña Del Mar.

Today, soccer is making its debut with four female duels. Two of them will be Chile vs Paraguay at 06:00 p.m. in Playa Ancha and Argentina vs Costa Rica at 08:00 p.m. in Viña Del Mar.


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