Joaquín Urrutia clinches gold in combined bouldering and lead event

In an exciting final, the Chilean representative secured the title in the last event of the National Championship of Sport Climbing. In second place was Dante Caballero, while Benjamin Ayala finished in third place.

Sunday October 8th.- In an exciting final and with a large audience gathered at Parque Cerrillos, Joaquín Urrutia claimed the men's gold medal in the combined bouldering and lead event, bringing the National Championship of Sport Climbing to a close.

The silver medal went to Dante Caballero, and the bronze to Benjamín Ayala. Benjamín Vargas, who finished first in the qualifiers, surprisingly ended up in sixth place.

Just as it happened during the morning with the women's competition, the climbers faced walls with a higher difficulty compared to the previous round, resulting in notably lower scores.

In bouldering, Ayala performed the best with 64.5 points. He was followed by León Pino (63.7); Urrutia (58.6); Christian Wagner (54.7); Vargas (54.1); Caballero (44); Joaquín Squella (34.5); and Emiliano Torrijo (28.5).

In lead climbing, everything was decided in the final moments. Caballero took the lead with astonishing 92 points, while the participation of the favorites and representatives of Chile in the Pan American Games, Urrutia and Vargas, was still pending. Urrutia managed to secure the same 92 points, but Vargas only scored 30, relegating him in the competition.

Thus, the top performers in this discipline were Caballero and Urrutia, with 92 points each, followed by Ayala with 64.1, Wagner with 39, Pino and Vargas with 30, and Squella and Torrijo with 18.1.

In the combined score of bouldering and lead climbing, Urrutia finished with 150.6 points (58.6 and 92). He was followed by Caballero with 136 points (44 and 92); Ayala with 128.6 points (64.5 and 64.1); Pino with 93.7 points (63.7 and 30); Wagner with 93.7 points (54.7 and 39); Vargas with 84.1 points (54.1 and 30); Squella with 52.6 points (34.5 and 18.1); and Torrijo with 46.6 points (28.5 and 18.1).

The National Championship of Sport Climbing, which inaugurated the facility at Parque Cerrillos, was held as a test event for Santiago 2023. The competitions for this discipline will be held in the same venue from October 21 to 24.

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