Matilde Cabezas secured the gold medal in the combined bouldering and lead event

The climber, who will represent Chile in the Pan American Games, confirmed her favoritism and repeated the first place she obtained in the women's qualifications. Maya Vásquez took second place, and Muykuay Silva finished third.

October Sunday 8th 2023.- Cabezas reaffirmed her favoritism and won the gold medal in the women's combined bouldering and lead event at the National Championship of Sport Climbing, held at the new facility of Parque Cerrillos. Maya Vásquez finished in second place, while Muykuay Silva ended up in third place.

Cabezas repeated her first-place performance from the previous day's qualifications but with a much lower score due to the complexity of both routes. In fact, in the lead category, none of the eight finalists were able to reach the top of the 15-meter wall.

In the first discipline, bouldering, the scores also decreased. Vásquez was the closest to the maximum of 100 points, with 69.7 points. She was followed by Cabezas (54.5); Silva (54.2); Beatriz Rosas (39.7); Millaray González (39.3); Martina Castro (34.5); Ignacia Mellado (5); and Adriana Pineda (0).

In the lead category, Cabezas reached the highest point and scored 60 points. She was followed by Vásquez; Mellado; González; Castro; and Silva (all with 33.1 points), Pineda (26.1); and Rosas (5).

In the combined total of bouldering and lead, Cabezas secured the gold with a total of 114.5 points (54.5 and 60). She was followed by Vásquez with 102.8 points (69.7 and 33.1); Silva with 87.3 points (54.2 and 33.1); González with 72.4 points (39.3 and 33.1); Castro with 67.6 points (34.5 and 33.1); Rosas with 44.7 points (39.7 and 5); Mellado with 38.1 points (5 and 33.1); and Pineda with 26.1 points (0 and 26.1).

The National Championship of Sport Climbing, a preparation event for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023, will conclude this evening with the final of the combined bouldering and lead event in the men's category.

Matilde Cabezas se quedó con el oro luego de dos destacadas jornadas en las categorías Bloque y Dificultad en el Campeonato Nacional de Escalada. (foto de Sebastian Cisternas/Santiago 2023 via Photosport)

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