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Test event: Vargas and Urrutia, the top contenders heading to the bouldering and lead final

Both secured top positions in the classification of this combined event at the National Championship of Sports Climbing and are favorites to clinch the gold medal in Sunday’s finals.

Saturday october 7th, 2023.- Benjamin Vargas and Joaquin Urrutia, representing Chile in Santiago 2023, stood out as the top athletes in the qualifying phase of the combined bouldering and lead competition at the National Championship of Sports Climbing. This event also serves as a test in preparation for the Pan American Games.

Both athletes reached the top of the wall in the lead discipline, and they achieved the highest scores in bouldering, securing top positions for the final on Sunday. Benjamin Ayala, another Chilean athlete who will be in Santiago 2023, made it to the title competition in seventh place, although with some difficulty.

In the bouldering event, Vargas was the best with an almost perfect score of 99.3 points out of a maximum of 100 possible. He was followed by Urrutia with 80 points; Benjamin Ayala with 79.5 points; Christian Wagner with 79.2 points; Leon Pino with 74.9 points; Dante Caballero with 69.3 points; Joaquin Squella with 64.2 points, and Emiliano Torrijo with 54.5 points.

In the lead event, Wagner, Torrijo, Caballero, Urrutia, and Vargas reached the top of the 15-meter wall and scored 100 points. Pino followed with 80.1 points; while Ayala and Alonso Lara scored 42.1 points.

In the combined bouldering and lead scores, Vargas completed 199.3 points (99.3 and 100), followed by Urrutia with 180 points (80 and 100); Wagner with 179.2 points (79.2 and 100); Caballero with 169.3 points (69.3 and 100); Pino with 155 points (74.9 and 80.1); Torrijo with 154.5 points (54.5 and 100); Ayala with 121.6 points (79.5 and 42.1), and Squella with 100.3 points (64.2 and 36.1). All eight of them will be in the final tomorrow.

Sports Climbing, a debut sport in the Pan American Games, will take place at Muros de Escalada del Parque Cerrillos from October 21 to 24. The competition modalities will be the same as the National Championship (speed and the combined bouldering and lead), so this tournament aims to emulate the timeline and test both the technology involved and the quality of the climbing walls.

La exigencia de este deporte queda en evidencia con esta imagen de los pies de Joaquín Urrutia.The demands of the sport are evident in this image of Joaquín Urrutia's feet (photo by Sebastian Cisternas/Santiago 2023 via Photosport).

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