Ignacia Mellado and Matilde Cabezas stand out in combined bouldering and lead

Both athletes were the only ones to reach the top in the lead discipline, securing spots among the 8 qualifiers for the final taking place this Sunday.

Saturday October 7th.- This morning, at Muros de Escalada Parque Cerrillos, the female's classification for the combined boulder and lead event of the National Championship of Sport Climbing, a test event for the Pan American Games 2023, was held. In this discipline, Ignacia Mellado and Matilde Cabezas stood out.

Both Chilean athletes reached the top of the 15-meter wall with a maximum inclination of 55 degrees in the lead phase, achieving the maximum score of 100 points. By combining their scores in the bouldering event, they secured a spot among the eight qualifiers for tomorrow's final.

In the first part of the competition, corresponding to bouldering, the athletes had to solve four "problems" on a 4.5-meter-high by 18-meter-long wall. Each boulder had a fixed route, and there was a limited time to complete them. It's worth noting that the maximum score per boulder is 25 points, so a perfect route would be 100 units.

The highest scores were achieved by Maya Vásquez, Martina Castro, and Matilde Cabezas, with 99.8 points. Very close behind were Muykuay Silva (99.7) and Camila González (99.6), with Beatriz Rosas (74.3), Ignacia Mellado (54.5), and Josefa Torres (54.3) further behind.

In the lead stage, following Mellado and Cabezas, the rankings were as follows: Muykuay Silva (72), Camila González (68.1), Martina Castro (68), Maya Vásquez (57), Adriana Pineda (26.1), and Valentina Ukrow (10.1).

Combining both disciplines, the qualifiers for tomorrow's final are Matilde Cabezas with 199.8 points (99.8 and 100); Muykuay Silva with 171.7 (99.7 and 72); Martina Castro with 167.8 (99.8 and 68); Camila González with 167.7 (99.6 and 68.1); Maya Vásquez with 156.9 (99.9 and 57); Ignacia Mellado with 154.5 (54.5 and 100); Beatriz Rosas with 80.3 (74.3 and 6); and Adriana Pineda with 75.8 (49.7 and 26.1).

This afternoon, the competition continues with the male’s qualification rounds in the same combined boulder and lead event.

Attendances are pictured during the Lead Climbing test event day 2 at the Muros de Escalada Parque Cerrillos sports center on October 7th, 2023, in Santiago, Chile.The public accompanies the national sport climbing competition in the prelude to the Santiago 2023 Games (photo: Sebastián Cisternas/Santiago 2023 via Photosport).


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