National Climbing Championship: continues this Saturday with bouldering and lead

During today's session, classifications for both disciplines will take place on the climbing walls of Parque Cerrillos, with the participation of 37 athletes in both female and male's categories.

Saturday, October 7th, 2023.- With the classification rounds in the bouldering and lead climbing disciplines, the National Championship of Sports Climbing continues this Saturday at the brand-new facilities of Parque Cerrillos.

The venue was inaugurated this Friday and officially kicked off with the speed tests. The two top favorites, who will represent Chile at the Pan American Games 2023, emerged victorious: Anahi Riveros and Joaquín Tapia.

Today, 37 climbers will participate, in females (17) and males (20), all aiming to secure a spot in the finals to be held on Sunday. First up is the bouldering discipline, where on a 4.5 meter high by 18 meter long wall, climbers must overcome a series of boulders or "problems."

Each boulder has a fixed route, and athletes have a limited time to complete them. Subsequently, in the lead climbing event, climbers must ascend a 15 meter wall within a limited time of six minutes.

The goal is to reach the highest point possible, and the classification is based on the height achieved. Once both tests are completed, the scores are added up to determine the final rankings, and on this Saturday, the qualifiers who will compete tomorrow for the title and medals will be determined.

It's worth noting that Muros de Escalada Parque Cerrillos will serve as the venue for Sport Climbing in Santiago 2023. This is a debut sport in the Pan American Games and it will offer four spots for the 2024 Olympics Games.


Martina Morales competes during the Boulder Climbing test event, day 2, at the Muros de Escalada Parque Cerrillos sports center (Photo: Sebastian Cisternas/Santiago 2023 via Photosport)

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