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Learn everything about the Torch Relay

It’s one of the most anticipated moments in all sporting events. And this moment has already come: the Santiago 2023 Torch Relay Program has already started and here we want to give you all the information about this important milestone.


The torch relay goes far beyond transporting the fire through the different territories of a country. It symbolizes a story behind it, a meeting point settled by sports.

The Mesoamerican origin of the torch sees in the flame the symbol of creation, specifically, the birth of the fifth Sun and Moon after the sacrifice of two gods in Teotihuacan.

Both are born to deliver vital energy to the earth and allow life in its new era.

Ruins of Teotihuacan in Mexico.


In the Pan American Games, the torch symbolizes the energy that emerges and summons our territory, and also represents what mobilizes people throughout our country.

A mapuche woman holding the Pan American and Parapan American torchs. (Picture: Santiago 2023).

As in the Greek dramatic structure, the conflict occurs with the destabilization of the flame when confronted with the forces of nature of our geography, which are constantly in motion. Consequently, this is divided into three parts that fall to the extreme north, south and east.

However, despite the difficulties, the hands of the local residents light the fire and embark on a journey to find each other. Along the way, the relievers will receive and guard the fire, sharing with citizens of each town (neighbors, athletes, young people and children) their vision and how to take care of this element.

Upon arriving in Santiago, the three torches will travel separately through the city's districts and heritage sites to meet on the opening night of the Pan American Games. Three torchbearers will enter the Parque Estadio Nacional, unifying the flame and starting the most important sporting event that Chile has ever held in its history.


In the Parapan American Games, the torch symbolizes the power of the Moon. It embodies what isn't easily recognizable, but is capable of moving oceans and controlling tides.

The torch symbolizes the power of the moon. (Picture: Santiago 2023).

The conflict unfolds around the story of a group of people from the mountain range. In the darkness of a moonless night, they light a fire to illuminate their surroundings and continue on their way to the Central Valley to meet up with other communities.

Upon arriving in the Central Valley of Santiago, the flame will make a tour that will pass through the main avenues of the city, recalling and reinforcing the concept of inclusion. In this way, on the night of the inauguration, the flame will complete its final journey, giving strength to an initial Moon and celebrating the invisible force that its presence represents


The journey of the Pan American torch will begin on October 5th, 2023, in Arica, Rapa Nui and Punta Arenas simultaneously. Once started, the route will be in the direction of Santiago to unify the three torches on the ceremony day, on October 20th.

Rapa Nui, one of the three initial points of the torch relay route.

In total there will be 13 dates, 20 cities and 23 routes.

Likewise, the Parapan American torch will begin its journey on Monday, November 13th, 2023, from northern Santiago, passing through the western, southern and eastern points and ending at the Parque Estadio Nacional on November 17th.

In total, there will be five dates, 23 districts and locations.

The continent's most important multisport event is getting closer and closer!

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