Get to know the differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball!

With this guide, you’ll be able to easily identify the characteristics of both volley sports that will be part of Santiago 2023.

The most important multisport event in the Americas is getting closer and closer, and you can be part of it by getting your tickets for your favorite sports and Para sports at We invite you to find out more about them so you feel the excitement of the sports by knowing their basic rules.

In the case of volleyball, there are two formats that will be played at Santiago 2023: beach and indoor. The differences in rules, that will help you understand them better, are divided mainly into 5 topics: playing field, dimensions, players, coach, and sets.

La superficie de juego es lo que le da apellido  a cada disciplina (Foto: Comunicaciones COCh)

Playing field: 

The playing field is the main difference and it’s also what gives name to each discipline. Beach volleyball is played in natural or artificial sand. Indoor volleyball is played on a flooring carpet. 


The playing surface in beach volleyball is 16x8 m, smaller than the indoor one, which is a 18x9 m field.


Another radical difference they have is the amount of players in a game. In the case of beach volleyball, it’s played by 2 players with no substitutions, while indoor volleyball is played by 6 players per team and they can make 3 substitutions per set.

El técnico es imprescindible para el vóley sala (Foto: Comunicaciones COCh)


In the case of beach volleyball, athletes cannot receive word from the coaches during a game, while in indoor volleyball, they can. 


Due to the number of athletes and the surface of the court, it would be too exhausting for beach volleyball athletes to play the same time as floor volleyball athletes, so in the former case, matches are played to the best of 3 sets of 21 pts and 15 pts (only in case of a third set), while in indoor, matches are played to the best of 5 sets of 25 pts and 15 pts (only in case of a fifth set).

If these differences are identified, you have nothing to worry about except to enjoy volleyball, one of the most attractive sports in Santiago 2023.


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