Annick Taverniers, Santiago 2023 Operations Planning Director: "my job is to get the Corporation's areas to talk to each other"

Born in Colombia with Belgian parents, the computer engineer has always been linked to sports, either practicing them or in managerial areas. You can listen to her story today in a new episode of “1635: Los Juegos al Día” (1635: Games on Time) the official podcast of the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

The sixth episode of “1635: Los Juegos al Día” will premiere this Friday, July 28th, at 4:35 p.m. sharp as usual. This new episode of the official podcast of the Pan American and Parapan American Games will feature Annick Taverniers, the Santiago 2023 Operations Planning Director.

Annick, daughter of Belgian parents, was born in Medellin, Colombia. She’s the perfect example of a professional truly dedicated to the organization of large sport events. At the age of 42, she has had the opportunity to plan all kinds of events at a continental level since her first experience in the Medellin 2010 South American Games. She’s been involved in South American Games, Bolivarian Games and, of course, Pan American Games.

In this episode, the Operations Planning Director introduced the work of the area she leads, which is essential for the Organizing Committee proper functioning.

In this sense, the Director who also worked as the Artistic Skating Technical Commission President in Colombia, commented that “my job is that the functional areas talk to each other and, effectively, that we don’t have gray areas. Oftentimes, some work is duplicated between areas, so this conversation is very important. Planning in our South American idiosyncrasy it’s a bit difficult.”

The professional touched on several matters during the conversation with Felipe Bianchi, Chief Communication and Communities Officer, including topics such as the relationship she must have with Panam Sports and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the milestones that her management must meet with the help of the more than 1,000 collaborators of Santiago 2023, as well as recalling her years as a professional skater.

This new edition of the official podcast of the Games will be available on YouTube and Spotify.

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