Santiago 2023 was the protagonist of a new edition of “Gobierno Informa” (The Government informs)

The Chief Executive Officer of the Games, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, participated in this live broadcast from the government building Palacio de La Moneda.

The Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games were the main talking point in the new edition of “Gobierno Informa,” an informative space started by the president in March of this year, which is broadcasted live from the Palacio de La Moneda press room. 

This report, which has a runtime of half an hour and is broadcasted through the Government’s YouTube channel, had the participation of the Sports Minister, Jaime Pizarro, the undersecretary of the same ministry, Antonia Illanes, and the CEO of the multisport event, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, who informed the citizens about the event and answered the press questions from all over the country.

The Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, talked about the legacy that the largest continental sports event will leave in the country (picture from: Santiago 2023 | cover picture by: Carolina Ugarte/Secom).


Among the questions the CEO of the Games was asked, one of the highlights was how this event will impact the communities of venue districts. He was specifically asked about the Los Andes province, which will host canoe slalom, a test that will have free access if you download the free ticket on Punto Ticket.

“The community will be able to be part of the Games, but not only that,  there’ll also be an influx of tourists,” he said. Also, he  added that “canoeing in Los Andes began around 70 years ago and we’ll have the real possibility of more children going to this natural environment, the Aconcagua River, to develop sports activities, there’s a legacy that goes further than just the competition itself.”

The professional journalist also answered questions about what will happen with the built infrastructure once the competitions are over. “We’re convinced that we need to be able to provide a plan for this legacy to be maintained not only physically but also to safeguard its use. That’s fundamental for taking advantage of the Games,” he concluded.

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