Centro Acuático progress: the water polo pool filling begins

The filling process will take five days and the venue’s framing is already 90% complete.

The National Sports Institute (IND in Spanish) announced good news about the work progress in the Centro Acuático of the Parque Estadio Nacional. One of the three pools, the water polo pool, started its water filling process in preparation for the Pan American and Parapan American Games. 

According to the IND, it’ll take five days to complete the filling process of 2 million 750 thousand liters (2.75 megaliters) of the essential element, which is equivalent to almost 70% of what is stored in an elevated water storage tank. Subsequently, the filtering process will be carried out in the 50 m long by 25 m wide and 2.3 m deep cuboid.

"This is a giant step forward for a facility that is over 90% complete and that will be delivered in September," the Institute reported.

The Centro Acuático has three indoor pools in two different spaces. Diving and water polo will be held in a structure built for the 2014 South American Games, while swimming and Para swimming will be held in a new structure specially built for Santiago 2023.

The Centro Acuático is taking shape for Santiago 2023. The picture shows the filling of the pool that will be used for water polo competitions. In the background, the diving board can be seen (picture from: National Sports Institute).

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