Billboard highlights the voice of the official song of the Games as one of the three best female rappers in the world

Half a century after the birth of the genre, Ana Tijoux continues to win recognition. “She broke barriers,” praised the Latin edition of the magazine.

The Billboard Latin/Español team made a list of the 50 best Latin rappers in history to celebrate the 50 years of the genre born in New York in 1973, music style that has had Hispanic influence since its beginning.  

Ana Tijoux, one of the singers of “A la cima”, the official song of the Pan American and Parapan American Games, was ranked third in the list. The publication highlighted that the artist “achieved international stardom with accomplishments that are as groundbreaking as they are diverse.”

Along with reviewing her career, which began in the 90's as a member of the group Makiza, the magazine highlighted “her unmistakable velvety flow and potent rhymes.” And they finished off with the importance of the rapper in the Latin American scene:

“She broke barriers as a female rapper in a predominantly male-dominated genre, back when female presence was rarer. The ferocious-yet-mellifluous flow of the French/Chilean poet carries an unapologetic spirit that has been nothing short of empowering, resonating with audiences worldwide.”

Tijoux's voice is easily recognizable in the anthem of the Games when she sings a rhyme that many are already humming: “'sube a la cima de la cordillera (go to the top of the Andean Mountains).” The track, produced by DJ Bitman and in collaboration with Movimiento Original, has more than 60 thousand streams on Spotify and YouTube just over 10 days after its release.

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