Mayne-Nicholls highlighted Ana Tijoux, Movimiento Original, and Dj Bitman’s work: “They’ll make us live the party”

The Santiago 2023 Chief Executive Officer congratulated the singers and producer of the Games official song “A la cima.”

Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games 2 minutes and 20 seconds official song was released this Sunday in the heart of the city at the Patio Central of the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM). Many authorities, athletes, and the public came to the event.

Among the event attendees were Interior and Public Security Minister, Carolina Tohá; General Secretary of Government Minister, Camila Vallejo; General Secretariat of the Presidency Minister, Álvaro Elizalde; Sports Minister, Jaime Pizarro; Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister, Jaime de Aguirre; and Governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orrego. 

The Chief Executive Officer congratulated the producer DJ Bitman and the singers Ana Tijoux and the group Movimiento Original on the anthem that promises to be a hit. “I want to thank these great musicians, the great production they’ve done, the great album, the great music they’re going to bring to the Games. They’re going to make us live the party that all our athletes will give us,” he said.

Stailok, from Movimiento Original, sings the anthem and in the audience we see Team Chile, Para Chile and the many-colored bird Fiu, official mascot of the Games (picture by: Sergio Maureira/Santiago 2023).


One of the singers of “A la cima”, Ana Tijoux, who is currently on tour in Europe, participated through a video introducing the song to the world. “Sadly, I’m not there. I’m far away but I’m close in a different way through music. I was honored that DJ Bitman invited me to participate in the song, an anthem for the Games, along with our brothers from Movimiento Original. It’s a song we made with a lot of love,” she revealed. 

The big secret was revealed at 1:43 p.m. It starts with the lines “América de Pie… Santiago 2023” (America stands up… Santiago 2023) and continues with lines dedicated to the self-improvement and emotion of the athletes, the Chilean identity and the meeting point offered by the most important multisport event of the continent.

The composer and producer, DJ Bitman, commented: “it’s a milestone in our careers, we’re representing this sporting event with culture, it reflects its spirit and also defends the identity of the artists, we’re very happy.”

Regarding what they wanted to express with the lyrics, one of the singers of Movimiento Original, Stailok, said “it’s to always go to the top with optimism, with a positive message to encourage the athletes who are going to participate in this major competition and for those who are doing it for the first time, to do it with all their hearts, because we can all make it.”

The Santiago 2023 official song “A la cima” it’s already available on Spotify and YouTube.

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