Santiago 2023 has a new venue: El Quisco joins the multisport festival

The agreement certifies the central coast district as the host of the kite sailing events. “We’re going to be one of the best allies of these Games,” indicated José Jofré, mayor of El Quisco.

On Monday, July 17th, the Santiago 2023 Corporation made official a new district as host of the Pan American Games. This time, it was the moment of El Quisco, a town on the central coast of the country that will hold the formula kite - sailing competitions.

The formal ceremony took place in the offices of the Municipality of El Quisco, and was attended by José Jofré, mayor of the district. On behalf of Santiago 2023, the representative was the Chief Executive Officer, Harold Mayne-Nicholls.

During the event, the district leader pointed out that “we have to be grateful. We have to give it relevance at the district level, at the provincial level and at the regional level. We’re going to make ourselves available, we’re going to be one of the best allies of these Santiago 2023 Games.”

Meanwhile, Mayne-Nicholls commented that “we’re very happy with the commitment of El Quisco, its district council, and the entire community to bring the Games here. If I could ask one thing, it’s for the community to get involved and lots of participation from everyone, so that no one forgets that the Pan American Games were a tremendous celebration for the country.”

Both parties signed the document, guaranteeing that the events will take place next October and November. In addition, the traditional sailing will take place a few kilometers away, on the neighboring beach of Algarrobo Norte.

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