Owners of local stores in Lo Espejo show their appreciation for hosting Santiago 2023: “It’s good for everyone”

The Santa Olga neighborhood will be the main point of boccia at the Parapan American Games. “It gives the neighborhood a different status,” they’ve said.

The Santiago 2023 Games will be experienced not only at Parque Estadio Nacional but also at different districts of the capital and regions. In the metropolitan area, Centro Deportivo Comunitario de Lo Espejo stands out as it’s the venue hosting boccia at the Parapan American Games. 

The precinct is located in the Santa Olga neighborhood, which is currently hosting a preparation event of the discipline ahead of the larger event. In this context, neighbors highlighted the organization of high level competitions in their territory.

For Valeria Núñez, owner of Kamisama Food Sushi, this opportunity “is wonderful because it’ll help everyone, both the owners and the neighbors. I’m already getting ready for November, thinking about hiring more staff, which is good for people who don’t have a job.”

Just some meters away, across the Presidente Adolfo López Mateo avenue, you can find the El Tatita store, from which the owner, Ana María Blanco, highlighted the presence of sport events in the neighborhood. “It’s phenomenal because it gives the neighborhood a different status. We lack a lot here and something coming from abroad, with people from all over the world, it’s a dream come true, something that I could’ve never imagined,” she said.

Centro Deportivo Comunitario de Lo Espejo, located in the Santa Olga neighborhood, will host boccia at the Parapan American Games (photo: Santiago 2023).


Álex López, one of the neighbors, is proud of Lo Espejo receiving the Parapan American Games. “I was born here so I think it’s spectacular because people can get to know the good side of the district, contrary to what’s always shown and highlighted by some people. It’s wonderful that this happens here, it gives the world a different vision of the district.”

The owner of the Donde Dantito food store concluded that “it’s a good opportunity to get to know at both the district and the Metropolitan Region level, because we’re getting more people here, we talk more about the possibilities we’ll have for sales and to make our products known.”

The Centro Comunitario Lo Espejo will host the International Boccia Challenger until Sunday and it’ll be back at the event hosting from November 16th to 26th, when the events corresponding to the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games take place.

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