The Chief Venue Development Officer talks about the infrastructure progresses in the Santiago 2023 podcast

The architect Max Sanchez makes a review of the structures that will be the scenario of the Pan American and Parapan American competitions. The space led by Felipe Bianchi will release its third chapter today at 16:35 hours.

Felipe Bianchi, the Santiago 2023 Chief Communications and Community Outreach Officer, leds “1635: Los Juegos al Día” (“1635: Games On Time”), the podcast of the organizing committee dedicated to  give novelties about the progresses and work done to the continental sport event, the most important carried out by our country in its history.

The space, available on Youtube and Spotify, will release its third chapter today. The outstanding guest on this occasion will be Max Sánchez, Chief Venue Development Officer, area in charge of setting up all the infrastructure that will be used for both the Pan American and the Parapan American Games.

The professional architect arrived at the Corporation in April, 2020 leading the work processes in each of the sites that will receive competitions. During the conversation, the specialist gives details about the work of his area, which has diverse specialties such as technological support, which will allow the development of each test, as well as the necessary resources to carry out the television broadcast.

Max Sánchez also makes a review of his extensive career dedicated to sports infrastructure, remembering his steps in the organization of events such as the Fifa U-20 Female’s World Cup in 2008, the Copa America and the U-17 Male’s World Cup, both in 2015.

As it has become usual, at 4:35 p.m. this Friday, July 7th, just 105 days before the start of the Multisport Festival of the Americas, Santiago 2023 will publish this new episode.

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