Key concepts you should know before buying your ticket for the Games

It’s getting closer and closer to Wednesday, July 12th, the day when all of Chile and the Americas will be able to get their tickets for the Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games, through the Puntoticket system.

When buying the tickets it’s important to handle the concepts that define the competitions that you’ll attend:

  • Session: it’s the time range in which an individual sport event or a group of events at a specific venue takes place. On the same day, there may be two sessions of the same sport with different stages of competition (for example, a qualifier in the morning and a final in the afternoon). It’s necessary to purchase a ticket for each session.

Kind of session:

  • Qualification: event whose objective is to provide a quota to the athletes so they can continue in competition.
  • Finals: events in which athletes compete to win a medal.
  • In some sports, such as field hockey, you can find preliminary rounds (group phases), qualification rounds (brackets and semifinals), and finals.

Session description: it shows the competition details.

  • F: it refers to a competition where the athletes are female.
  • M: it refers to a competition where male athletes participate.
  • CC: it refers to a complete competition, it includes preliminary rounds, qualifications, and finals.



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