Ximena Restrepo, Pan American athletics legend, will be the second guest of the Santiago 2023 podcast

The ex-athlete, who has been living in Chile for more than 30 years, accomplishes the role of Sports Director in the Corporation responsible for the Pan American and Parapan American Games. Next Friday she’ll be interviewed by Felipe Bianchi in “1635: Games On Time”.

Last Friday, June 23rd, the Santiago 2023 Corporation launched the official podcast of the organization called “1635: los Juegos al Día” (Spanish for “16:35: The Games up to Date”) focused on providing news about the work carried out by the committee responsible for the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

This week will be the release of the second chapter of the sport space hosted by Felipe Bianchi, the Corporation’s Chief Communications Officer. In this opportunity, the guest will be the Pan American Athletics Legend, Ximena Restrepo, who is currently the Sport Director of Santiago 2023.

The  54-year-old ex-athlete, who was born in Colombia and Chilean nationalized, has been living in our country for more than 30 years due to her marriage to Gert Weil, an exceptional shot putter. Also, this outstanding sprinter is the mother of Martina Weil, a national runner who holds the Chilean record in the 400-meter and is emerging as a future track star.

Restrepo has the merit of being the first Colombian woman to win an Olympic medal, after achieving bronze in the 400-meter race at the Barcelona 1992 Games. After her outstanding career as an active athlete, the native of Medellin has developed a leadership career linked to sports, which had its climax in 2019, when she became the first woman to become vice-president of the International Athletics Federation, a position she currently holds in parallel to her duties in Santiago 2023.

The Sport Director talked with Felipe Bianchi about the tasks carried out by the area that she’s currently leading, as well as about her family's sporting lineage and her highly awarded career on the track.

You will find out all the details of the interview on Spotify and Youtube when the new chapter of “1635: los Juegos al Día” is released, at 16:35, this Friday, June 30th. Don’t miss it!

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