“Games On Time” is called the new podcast about Santiago 2023

The organization of the greatest continental event will be carried out weekly in this space whose objective is to inform about the progresses while we move forward to the beginning of the Games in October. The podcast will have as guests outstanding athletes, authorities, and Chief Officers of the Corporation, who will explain the Games progresses.

Being nearly 4 months from the beginning of the Pan American and Parapan American Games, the Santiago 2023 Corporation will launch a new informative space with all the novelties related to the work that has been done and the route traveled to the most important multisport event developed in the history of our country.

“Games On Time” will be a weekly podcast whose objective is to be a new space that reaches to inform the Chilean citizens about the progress in organization terms of the most important continental sport event in which Chile will be the host during next October and November.

The journalist Felipe Bianchi, Santiago 2023 Chief Director of Communications and Community, will be in charge to lead this space that will be available both in Spotify and Youtube. It’ll have the participation of great authorities, outstanding athletes, and Chief Officers from the diverse areas of the Corporation organizing the Games.

Regarding the launch of the program, the journalist indicated that “Games On Time will help to transmit to people the progress of this organization. Also, the program will help us to warm up the engines and position Santiago 2023 under the spotlight.”

In the same line, Alberto Gesswein, Santiago 2023 Director of Communications and Communities, indicated the kind of audience they hope to capture with this project. He also commented that “we want a country that joins this sport festival, a festival that can be lived in social media that is a space where a lot of people can get informed and communicate. It’s necessary to get the event close to the society, they can feel they’re part of this and no one feels out. Podcasts are a format mainly listened to by young people so we’re mainly thinking about them with the creation of such a program.”

The first chapter of the Santiago 2023 official podcast will be available on Spotify and Youtube from Friday, June 23rd at 16:35 hrs (the same number of Santiago 2023 corporate offices located in Pérez Valenzuela street, Providencia district).

Juan Carlos Magnere, Broadcast Deputy Director of the Corporation, will be the guest for the first chapter, and he’ll share enjoyable details related to the historical broadcast of the multisport event that will have more than 2,000 assured hours on TV between October and November.

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