Visit the tourist attractions of the O'Higgins Region

In the O'Higgins Region, visitors can enjoy tourist attractions ranging from the mountains to the sea. The Universidad Glacier gives life to the Cachapoal and Tinguiririca rivers, which feed the Rapel River and irrigate the Cachapoal and Colchagua valleys, where the world's best wines are produced. With over 100 kilometers of coastline, the region offers perfect waves for surfing, windsurfing, and Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) sports. Notable beaches include La Boca, Bucalemu, Puertecillo, Matanzas, and Pichilemu. Discover the different destinations that you can find in the region.


1. La Boca:

Experience the relaxation of paddling on a SUP and discovering the natural and beautiful surroundings of La Boca. Visitors can observe birds and learn about the flora of the area.



2. Lake Rapel:

Lake Rapel is a must-see attraction in the O'Higgins Region. There are activities for all ages and interests, including water sports such as fishing, SUP, or flyboarding, enjoying typical cuisine with views of the lake, or simply watching the sunset from one of the viewpoints. Borde Lago is a vineyard where visitors can take a wine route and sample the wines produced along the reservoir.


3. Surfing in Pichilemu:

Coming to Pichilemu means immersing yourself in the surf culture, which goes far beyond riding a wave. Surfing is about caring for the environment and embracing the cooperative spirit of athletes. Visitors can take a surf class at one of the schools located on the main beach or Punta de Lobos.



4. Cáhuil salt flats:

If you want to experience an ancient trade that has been passed down from generation to generation, visit Cáhuil. The Barrancas salt flats still have salt workers who perform this task in an environment that leads to the Nilahue estuary. Visitors can also enjoy bird watching and other activities such as kayaking or SUP.


5. Cachapoal Valley:

The Cachapoal Valley, known as "O'Higgins' pantry," has become a culinary destination that is closely linked to its local producers. Here, you can try dishes made with products from all over the region, such as coastal lamb seasoned with Cáhuil salt, and served with Paredones quinoa. If you're traveling from the north or south towards O'Higgins' coast, be sure to enjoy this exquisite culinary destination in Rancagua, Doñihue, San Vicente, Peumo, and Las Cabras, among other municipalities.



6. Litueche:

If you're traveling from the Santiago Metropolitan Region to O'Higgins' coast, a must-stop is Litueche, with hidden gems such as "Donde la Tía" (Aunt's Place). The gastronomy here is closely linked to local seafood, offering dishes that showcase the region's culinary heritage.



7. Bucalemu:

Bucalemu is an excellent culinary destination just 30 minutes away from Pichilemu. You can enjoy delicious food with a sea view. Furthermore, many of the seafood ingredients are collected using sustainable fishing practices, preventing the overexploitation of marine products, and protecting the ecosystem from sea to plate.



8. Colchagua Valley:

In the Colchagua Valley, they cook with wine. Each dish and pairing is designed to complement the wine you've just uncorked. It's the perfect place to have lunch or dinner, with a unique selection of award-winning wines from the valley. You can also enjoy a cooking class in English and/or Spanish, using the freshest and in-season local products. Enjoy wine tastings, local sea salt, olive oils, and other Chilean products.



On O'Higgins' coast, you will find accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets from luxurious seaside hotels like "El Surazo" in Matanzas or "Alaia" in Pichilemu, to high-quality campsites like Millaco. In the area, you'll also find hostels, lodges, cabins, and apartment hotels. 

In addition, this region has different places with accessibility where the whole family can enjoy:

1. Inclusive Beach of Pichilemu

Every summer, the Pichilemu Municipality installs an access ramp that allows people with reduced mobility to enjoy the beach.

2. Inclusive Beach of Bucalemu

The Paredones Municipality enables inclusive access during the summer.

3. Boca Lookout

The Boca lookout features an inclusive walkway that allows people with reduced mobility to enjoy this area.

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