Captivate yourself with the Valparaiso´s Region culture

Those who visit Chile for this significant sports event will find experiences for all their senses in the Valparaiso Region. Its colorful hills, legendary cable cars, and seafood cuisine will surprise visitors with activities from the sea to the mountains. Explore Algarrobo and the Coast of Poets, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Quillota, and Los Andes. ¡Don´t miss anything!

These are some of the highlights of the Region:


 1. Algarrobo, a place to enjoy and rediscover

The bay of Algarrobo is perfect for practicing different water sports such as sailing, surfing, bodyboarding, or diving. These activities are complemented by other recreational sports and activities such as running, cycling, tennis, paddle tennis, horseback riding, or zip-lining. 

Algarrobo has three Nature Sanctuaries: Punta and Peñón Peña Blanca, Isla Pájaros Niño, and Humedal de Tunquén, ideal for observing and photographing a variety of bird species. In addition, there is the Canelo-Canelillo Park, three urban wetlands, ravines with relics of native flora and fauna, and a beautiful coastline with impressive sunsets, whose main beaches are El Canelo, El Canelillo, and El Pejerrey.




2. Quillota, a journey with history

Quillota is a city characterized by its cultural offerings. Some of the cultural options that this city offers tourists include the Colonial House, dating from 1722; the Casa and Museo del Huaso de Quillota; and the Escuela de Caballeriza Blindada Museum, where the replica of Captain Alberto Larraguibel, who set the world record for high jump in 1949, is located. In the surroundings of Quillota, next to Olmué, is the La Campana National Park, ideal for connecting with nature and enjoying hiking.


3. Valparaíso, the Jewel of the Pacific

Valparaiso, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sits on different hills, forming a great natural amphitheater. Its colorful houses, centenary buildings, public elevators, alleys, stairs, and vibrant nightlife have allowed numerous cultural expressions to flourish. You can enjoy an open-air street art museum in the Chilean graffiti capital. Visitors can experience this firsthand with mural painting workshops because in Valparaiso, "We are not hippies, we are happy" (graffiti on Fischer stairs, Cerro Alegre).




4. Viña del Mar, the Garden City

Viña del Mar is characterized by its resorts for practicing sports and enjoying a healthy lifestyle at the pace of an impressive sunset. But Garden City is much more than just beaches. It is the stage of the International Song Festival of Viña del Mar, held at the Quinta Vergara, where different countries compete for their coveted awards, torches, and silver and gold seagulls. It also has a large 22-hectare botanical garden open to the public, with universal access and diverse wild birds. In addition, the city has other attractions, such as the Wulff Castle or the Flower Clock.




Here you can enjoy fresh wine and gastronomy from the sea:

1. Valparaiso, Main Port

El Membrillo Cove and Portales Cove offer the best local cuisine: fresh seafood that you can buy directly from the artisanal fishermen in the area. In Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción, international gourmet restaurants are diverse. You can enjoy dishes paired with an incredible view of Valparaiso Bay. In the historic center, you can also enjoy the local cuisine in the Barrio Puerto, with iconic restaurants and fantastic cafes. It's an offer with a bohemian flavor and loaded with the incredible history of the mythical port of Valparaiso.


2. Casablanca Valley, a wine route with flavor

The Casablanca Valley is the wine refuge with the most significant projection in the country. Internationally recognized for its white wines, sparkling wines, and Pinot Noir, there are countless activities to do in its vineyards with your partner or friends, such as cycling, horseback riding, or hiking, in addition to wine tastings.




3. San Antonio-Leyda Valley, a wine route with poetry

San Antonio is one of the most prestigious valleys in Chile. Being a few kilometers from the sea, you can visit the beaches of the central coast, such as Santo Domingo, Cartagena, Las Cruces, El Tabo, Algarrobo, and El Quisco, which are part of the Coast of Poets and where you can taste the best of seafood cuisine. The Association of Vineyards of the San Antonio Valley (AVVSA) has eight vineyards, all with a sustainability certificate: Casas Bucalemu, Casa Marín, Chocalan Malvilla, Garcés Silva, Leyda, Matetic, Hacienda San Juan, and Ventisquero.


4. West neighborhood of Viña del Mar, a cultural fusion of flavors

On the shores of the sea, in the City Garden, there is a cuisine for all tastes: Chilean, Peruvian, Argentinean, Asian, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, among others, with vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options. The West neighborhood is a space that offers entertainment, commerce, and culture every day of the week. You can start from dawn with an incredible breakfast to a Viña bohemian night for all audiences. Viña is a city to enjoy.




You can find different services:

Valparaíso stands out for its boutique hotels in Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción and a wide variety of hostels. In Viña del Mar, world-class hotels are in the city center and along the coast, totaling 151 tourist accommodation services in the Garden City. High-quality accommodations are also available in the heart of Quillota. For those looking to escape the urban environment and enjoy the seaside, Algarrobo offers a variety of hotels, cabins, and resorts, including the possibility of camping practically in front of the ocean.


There are a lot of accesibility options:


1. Viña del Mar Coastal Walk

From Estero Marga-Marga to the north, there is a pedestrian walkway suitable for everyone, wholly accessible and universal.


2. Muelle Barón

Muelle Barón has universal access and a passenger transport cart that takes people with reduced mobility to the Club House, a restaurant overlooking the sea. There, visitors can enjoy a fantastic view of the port.




3. Bordering Quillota, Olmué, and the Chilean ‘Huaso’

The historic center of Quillota is suitable for everyone to visit. It offers local crafts, traditions, and incredible cuisine. Adventurous people can visit La Campana National Park, which has some trails adapted for all audiences, including free admission for children under 12, seniors, minors under 17, and seniors with disabilities.


4. Parque Tricao, Nature at your Fingertips near Algarrobo

Parque Tricao is a space designed for the whole family in Santo Domingo. The park contributes to the commune and the region, promoting tourism and economic growth. Due to the park's unique geography, it has partial universal access. However, Parque Tricao constantly receives people with disabilities, so it has preferential parking and bathrooms in all its sectors. Additionally, some paths exist for people in wheelchairs and/or with reduced mobility in the Aviary, Humedal Giverny, and Botanical Garden.




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