High level events: San Carlos de Apoquindo received the Athletics 2023 National Championship

One of the greatest athletes was Martín Sáenz, who established the new historic record in 100 meter hurdles. The sprinters Martín Kouyoumdjian and Martina Weil also had great results in their tests.

As it’s usual at this time of the year, the best exponents of Chilean athletics gather to compete in the National Championship, edition carried out at the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo, Las Condes district.

This year the championship had a special taste for athletes, who gave their 100% having in mind the following Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. The competition had great performances from diverse athletes that are living a great present, following what was experienced last weekend in Talagante and Copiapo.

Such is the case of Martín Sáenz, 22 year old sprinter, who confirmed his great present winning a gold medal in 110 meter hurdles, achieving a new national record in said test with 13,60 seconds. That way he broke his own record for the third time this year.

Another great athlete of the weekend was Martina Weil, who dominated in 200m and 400m, keeping a high level at the track during the last few months. Also, the sprinter Martín Kouyoumdjian won gold in 200m and 400m.

The track was the scene of great competitions between national athletes. (Picture: FEDACHI).

Below you can find a list with the winner of each competition carried out in the National Championship:

Male athletes

  • 100 m - Santiago Vial.

  • 200 m - Martín Kouyoumdjian.

  • 400 m - Martín Kouyoumdjian.

  • 800 m - Rafael Muñoz.

  • 110-meter hurdles - Martín Sáenz.

  • 400-meter hurdles - Cristóbal Muñoz.

  • 1.500 m - Joaquín Campos.

  • 5,000 m - Ignacio Velásquez.

  • 10,000 m race walking - Luis Villagra.

  • 3,000-meter hurdles - Mauricio Valdivia.

  • Relay 4 x 100 m - Atlético USACH.

  • Relay  4 x 400 m - Atlético Francés.

  • Javelin throw - Francisco Muse.

  • Discus throw - Lucas Nervi.

  • Shot put - Joaquín Ballivian.

  • Hammer throw - Gabriel Kehr.

  • High jump - Pedro Álamos.

  • Pole vault - Guillermo Correa.

  • Long jump - Vicente Bolgeri.

  • Triple jump - Luis Reyes.

  • Decathlon - Felipe Fica.

A National Tournament with a special taste on the road to Santiago 2023. (Picture: FEDACHI).


  • 100m - Isidora Jiménez.

  • 200m - Martina Weil.

  • 400m - Martina Weil.

  • 800m - Berdine Castillo.

  • 100-meter hurdles - Elisa Keitel.

  • 400-meter hurdles - María Violeta Arnaiz.

  • 1,500 m - Josefa Quezada.

  • 5,000 m - Giselle Álvarez.

  • 3,000 ms - María José Calilaf.

  • Relay 4 x 100 m - Club Manquehue.

  • Discus throw - Karen Gallardo.

  • Shot put - Ivana Gallardo.

  • Hammer throw - Valentina Clavería.

  • High jump - Antonia Merino.

  • Pole vault - Javiera Contreras.

  • Long jump - Rocío Muñoz.

  • Triple jump - Rocío Muñoz.

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