Panam Sports Follow-up Commission toured the venues of the Santiago 2023 Games: "They’re first class"

The works for the continental event, which starts on October 20th, are expected to be completed and delivered in September, according to the authorities report.

The Coordination and Follow-up Commission team of the Pan American Games visited Santiago this week to know the operational and infrastructure progress of the event that will be carried out from October 20th to November 5th in Chile, gathering nearly 7,000 athletes from 41 nations across the continent.

The Panam Sports delegation had a meeting with the people in charge of the different functional areas of the Santiago 2023 organizing committee and toured the competition venues, both completed and under construction, as well as the Pan American Village, which has an 80% of progress.

For the president of the organization, Neven Ilic, this is a "fundamental instance, it’s important to inform each of the members and all the Olympic committees about the development of the Games. And the truth is that a very good job was done these days, we went  point by point, it was very fruitful,and people left very satisfied."

Regarding the construction of the new venues in the Parque Estadio Nacional, the executive highlighted the quality with which they're being built. "I toured each building project and even though we’re working against the clock and this process has been challenging, the venues are first class. It made me feel very proud of what the Pan American Games are going to generate as a legacy for my country and,fundamentally for the future of Chilean sports," he indicated.

View of the building projects carried out at the swimming pool of the Centro Acuático in the Parque Estadio Nacional (picture by: Sergio Maureira/Santiago 2023).


The head of the Ministry of Sports, Jaime Pizarro, pointed out that the tasks are being carried out as expected. "The multiple working groups, from logistical matters to more specific divisions such as the airport operations, security, etc., have been progressing and are permanently maintaining their coordination," he stated, emphasizing that "we are completely confident that everything is progressing according to the plan."

Meanwhile, the director of the National Sports Institute, Israel Castro, commented on the deadlines set for the completion of the works. "The date we are considering is September. The progress is rapid because different phenomena are happening: one is the actual construction, but also many of these works are done with prefabricated pieces that are assembled on-site. This means that, if someone visits with a two or three-week interval, they’ll notice physically noticeable progress," he stated.

The Panam Sports Coordination and Follow-up Commission for Santiago 2023 is a committee that regularly visits the capital to review the progress of the Pan American Games, an event that Chile will host for the first time in its history.

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