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In a new section of #ParaEducation, we present to you everything about Para athletics, a sport that will be featured in our #Santiago2023 Parapan American Games.

Para athletics is the largest sport within the Paralympic movement and one of the most extensive in terms of participating countries and functional abilities. Here, we tell you why.


In this sport, individuals with different types of disabilities compete. There are 53 sports classes, each identified by a letter and a number.

●   Letter T: For track events.

  Letter F: For field events.

●   11-13: Visually impaired athletes.

●   20: Intellectually impaired athletes.

●   31-34: Athletes with cerebral palsy who compete in wheelchairs.

●   35-38: Athletes with cerebral palsy who compete standing up.

  40-41: Athletes of short stature.

●   42-44: Athletes with a lower limb impairment competing without prostheses.

●   45-47: Athletes with upper limb impairment.

●   51-57: Wheelchair racers or seated throwers.

●   61-64: Athletes with a lower limb impairment competing with prosthesis.


The discipline is open to men and women in all eligible disability groups.

Unlike conventional athletics, this sport has fewer track and field events. However, due to the inclusion of various sports classes based on functional physical abilities, the degree of participation is more diverse and inclusive.

●   In Track (T), the events are 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 5,000m, relays, long jump, and high jump.

●   In Field (F), the events are Javelin throw, shot put, discus throw, and club throw.

#DidYouKnowThat guides, high-performance athletes without disabilities, for visually impaired runners belonging to categories T11 to T13, are not allowed to push or pull the Para athlete and must always be by their side?


Nationally, there is a growing number of representatives aiming for international tournaments in the sport. Francisca Mardones, a shot-put thrower and ambassador of our Games is one of the top favorites after her outstanding performance in Tokyo 2020.

Amanda Cerna is another promising Para athlete in the field of Para athletics.  Amanda competes in the 100m and 200m and was nominated as the best Paralympic athlete of 2022. 

From November 21st to 25th, 2023, at the Centro Atlético Mario Recordón, don't miss our #Santiago2023 Parapan American Games!

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